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London Dungeon

If you’re looking for a unique and spooky experience in London, the London Dungeon is the perfect spot! Located in the heart of the city, the Dungeon offers an immersive experience that’s sure to leave you feeling a bit scared and a lot entertained. From spine-tingling shows and rides to interactive displays, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the attractions the London Dungeon has to offer.

The Dungeon Maze

One of the most popular attractions in the London Dungeon is the Dungeon Maze. This interactive experience takes you through a winding series of corridors and chambers, all filled with surprises. As you make your way through the maze, you’ll encounter some of the most notorious figures from London’s past, from Jack the Ripper to Guy Fawkes. Along the way, you’ll also get to explore some of the city’s most famous sights, like the Tower of London and the London Bridge.

The Drop Dead Drop Ride

The Drop Dead Drop Ride is a thrilling experience that will have you screaming with fear and delight. As you descend into the depths of the Dungeon, you’ll be able to hear the eerie sounds of the city and take in the sights of the dark passageways. At the bottom, you’ll be treated to a special surprise – a surprise that’s sure to leave you with a few nightmares.

The Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber is another popular attraction at the London Dungeon. Here, you’ll get to experience some of the most gruesome and terrifying torture techniques from London’s past. From the rack to the iron maiden, you’ll be able to explore the history of the city through some of its most infamous methods of punishment.

The London Dungeon is a great spot for anyone looking to explore the history of London in a unique and exciting way. From interactive mazes to thrilling rides, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re up for a few scares or want to learn more about the city’s dark past, the London Dungeon is the perfect spot.

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This is a Pre-booked ticket with a time slot and an e-Ticket that can be used by mobile.

e-Ticket will be delivered to your email up to 3 days before your visit, mostly within 1-2 working days.

You can input the preferred time when purchasing.
The preferred time is not guaranteed, but we will allocate the nearest time possible.

Once the time slot is allocated, the ticket is valid only for the allocated time slot.

Infants aged 3 years and under are free, but must still reserve a ticket.

The Dungeon is not suitable for people of a nervous disposition or very young children: entry is at the discretion of the parent/guardian.

Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult, aged 18 years or over. 

You cannot request a refund or cancel or exchange under any circumstance after the purchase.

For safety reasons, we can only accept three wheelchair users in the building at any one time and it is strongly advised that you pre-book in advance.

How to use

You will receive an email from us to explain how to use it before the date you visit.

We recommend arriving 20-30min before the admission time we confirmed.

Only the date you purchased is valid.

Opening time 

Open every day except Xmas Day

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun : 10am to 5 pm (last tour)

Thursday: 11am to 5pm (last tour)

Saturday: 10am to 6pm (last tour)

Some extended opening hours during school holidays

**All opening times are subject to change. Recommend checking the official website


  • London Dungeon ticket.

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The London Dungeon, 
County Hall,
Westminster Bridge Rd,

The London Dungeon is located within easy walking distance from several London Underground stations: Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster. 

Waterloo is the closest tube station to the London Dungeon. Waterloo is about five minutes walking distance. Exit the station following signs for the South Bank. 

Embankment and Charing Cross stations are close together on the north side of the River Thames. Both tube stations are a ten-fifteen minute walk to reach the London Dungeon. From the station, cross over Hungerford Bridge. 

Westminster tube station is the closest station to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. From Westminster tube station, take exit one and follow signs for Westminster pier.

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