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Absolute Venice - Walking Tour, Doge's Palace & St Mark's Basilica (Skip the Line)
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This tour combination is the right one for those who crave a full immersion into Venice and its ever lasting symbols. A tour not only to see Venice, but to experience this City through its history and glorious past, still shining in its historical sites and legendary characters.
A walking tour, to explore the hidden corners of the city and to learn interesting facts about life in a water city and the past of Venice. The Doge’s Palace, Venice’s symbol and architectural masterpiece. The Basilica: One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world

Our combo will start with a beautiful walking tour which will take us among the most hidden and peaceful corners of Venice.
An unforgettable tour to discover Venice through its narrow alleys called “calli”, countless bridges and wide traditional and picturesque squares, still the heart of Venetian people's social life.
We will discover the famous sites as well as hidden gems mixed with interesting facts about the city of the Serenissima and its everlasting history.
The first highlight of the walking tour is St. Mark’s square, with the description of the majestic St. Mark’s Basilica, the elegant Doge’s Palace, the Clock Tower and the Procuratie (only external, for now).
From St. Mark’s square we will move forward to Campo Santa Maria Formosa, where we will admire the SS. Giovanni e Paolo church with the famous Pantheon. Follow the Scuola Grande di San Marco also knowns as “Great School of Charity” (the Captains of Fortune). Last but not least, head back to St. Mark’s and admire the Malibran Theatre, step through the famous Mercerie, once the pulsing heart of commercial life back in time, nowadays Venice’s main shopping district between Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Square.
Please note that this first part of the tour will completely take place outside and it does not include any admittance to local sites.

Follows a visit to one of the most famous symbols of Venice: The Doge’s Palace.
The Doge’s Palace is one of the most important symbols of Venice. For centuries, it has represented the seat of the Venetian political power. In its majestic rooms, the Doge and his Council ruled the fate of the Serenissima Republic for centuries, surrounded by hundreds of art masterpieces.
Today, the symbol of Venice and its power is still standing in all its beauty and majesty, everyday taking travelers' breath away.
Ticket allows to enter without waiting in line. Audio-receiver device included.

Another indisputed symbols of venice is the St Mark Basilica, a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture where Eastern and Western architecture run into each other. Here, we will learn more about the everlasting history of Venice, about St Mark and how his ruins came to rest and be shielded here. Surrounded by the Basilica’s beautiful gold mosaics and marble inlays, our professional guide will take us along the history and the special features of this unique masterpiece.

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* St Mark's Square
* Clock Tower
* The Procuratie
* Santa Maria Formosa
* Campo and Church SS. Giovanni e Paolo
* Mercerie
* Doge's Palace
* St Mark's Basilica


* Discover Venice' most famous buildings and symbols
* Interesting facts about Venice's history and present
* Characteristic "campo", Venice's little and picturesque squares


* Entrance ticket to the Doge's Palace
* Experienced tour guide
* Skip the line tickets to the Doge's Palace and the Basilica
* Personal headset

Not included

* Pala D'Oro

Essential Information

* For security reasons backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the Basilica
* Please wear appropriate clothes to enter the Basilica (no bare knees or shoulders)
* Please note that no refund will be accepted for no shows or late arrivals. The tour will be provided rain or shine, in the event of exceptional high tide it might be cancelled and refund will be provided.

Essential Information

A full immersion into Venice and its ever lasting symbols: The Doge's Palace, the Basilica of St Mark and a beautiful walking tour

Absolute Venice - Walking Tour, Doge's Palace & St Mark's Basilica (Skip the Line)
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