Wonderful Island, Mont Saint-Michel

Wonderful Island, Story of Mont Saint-Michel

Let’s find out interesting story in Mont Saint-Michel. Wonderful Island, Mont Saint-Michel is located on the border between Bretagne and Normandy in northern France. Surprisingly, This castle is sometimes connected to land by tidal waves and strange castle floating on the sea. In addition, the Mont Saint-Michel castle has designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and more than 3.5 million tourists visit it every year.

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Wonderful Island, Story of Mont Saint-Michel

The Origin of Mont Saint-Michel

In St. Ober’s dream, Archangel Michael shows up to build a monastery on Mont Saint-Michel Island, which he ignores. Michael then appeared in his dream once more. And even this was ignored by Bishop Ober. Then, he appeared in his third dream that his fingers pierced his forehead with light. After the dream, the Bishop felt unusual, began the construction of Mont Saint-Michel.

How do I get to Mont Saint-Michel?


4 Hours from Paris

You have to take the train to Rennes at Montparnasse train station. The train takes about two and a half hours. About 1 hour and 20 minutes by bus from the bus stop in front of Rennes Station.

There are often free shuttle buses to Mont Saint Michel near the Information Center. Shuttle buses usually run every 5 to 10 minutes.

Mont Saint-Michel is 364 km away from Paris, so I recommend a two-day schedule.

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Enjoy a variety of stories with Mont Saint-Michel in a small group, and return safely to Paris. 


You can travel from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel comfortably. It is also a tour that includes a two-day museum pass. I recommend you to have a leisurely schedule in Paris.


You can get Lunch in an authentic restaurant offering an exceptional view of Mont. You can also look around Mont Saint-Michel with a professional guide.

Know before you go Mont Saint-Michel…

Is Mont Saint-Michel free?

The admission fee for Mont Saint-Michel is € 10 for adults. EU citizens under the age of 25 or permanent residents of France are free.

Tickets are sold only at the entrance to the monastery.

Opening hours?

The monastery is open all year round except December 25, January 1 and May 1.

September to April : 9:30 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. 

May to August: from 9 a.m. ~7 p.m.

Can I sleep at Mont Saint-Michel?

You can stay in Mont Saint Michel. We recommend the tour that includes Mont Saint-Michel stay 1day offered on the right side by Ticket Here. Let’s enjoy the night in the wonder monastery. And also you can visit Granville where was the birthplace of famously know fashion designer Christian Dior.

Tips for Going to Mont Saint-Michel

If you visit Mont Saint-Michel, remember that you have to go up and down numerous stairs. You have to go up the stairs to see the inside of Mont Saint-Michel Monastery.

Must-See Places in Mont Saint-Michel

See the Golden Light Statue

See the Golden Light Statue

It was originally known that Mont Saint-Michel was founded by Michael the archangel. Therefore, the highest golden statue of the spire is angel Michael. Construction of the cathedral began in the early 11th century and was influenced by the Romanesque style, but its interior was later rebuilt in the Gothic style, with a mixture of two styles.

Checking out the view of the bay

Checking out the view of the bay

Especially when the sunset is set is the most beautiful sight in the world. You will admire the magical scene that unfolds.

What to eat in Mont Saint-Michel

La Sirène Lochet

You have to eat crepes again when you come here. In Mont Saint-Michel, crepes are famous, and they are very delicious. Mont Saint-Michel monastery is the home of crepes.

Grande Rue, 50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Did you know Mont Saint-Michel's twins?

Here is one of the interest story of Mont Saint-Michel. Mont Saint Michel, England, is located in the town of Marzion next to Cornwall Penzance. The island-and-land castle is very similar to Mont Saint Michel, located in Normandy. So it is also called Mont Saint Michel in England. Also ST.MICHAEL’S MOUNT here was once under the influence of France. If the road to Mont Saint-Michel Castle is filled with sea, you can take a boat to the castle. Let’s have a special experience at St. Michael’s Mount.

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