Berbers & Diars by 4-wheelers

Berbers & Diars by 4-wheelers

  • 6 Days
  • From : Tunis
  • To : Tunis
  • Tour
  • Guide :
    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Minimum age : 10 Years Old

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Hop on a four-wheeler and depart on a journey to discover authentic Tunisia. Spend a night in the hotel nestled in a cave, immerse in the local life and experience the Berber way of living on this 6-day memorable adventure.


El Djem: The Second largest and most famous Roman Amphitheatre in the World.

Kairouan: Founded in the seventh century, Kairouan is considered the Islamic capital of Tunisia.

Djerba: An island known for their sandy beaches and whitewashed desert towns bursting with cultural richness and mesmerising handcrafts.

Tunis: Tunisia’s laid-back capital boasts beautiful Islamic architecture and neighbours the famous ruins of Carthage.

What’s included?


  • Operated with an English, French, German, Italian or Spanish-speaking guide on a shared basis


  • 5 nights’ accommodation


  • 5 Breakfasts
  • 5 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners


  • Shared transportation in 4×4 vehicle (maximum 6 pax) 
  • Inbound/Outbound shared transfers from/to Tunis-Carthage International Airport


  • All entrance fee and activities indicated in the itinerary: visit of Takrouna village, Roman Amphitheatre in El Djem tour (Day 2); Tataouine city tour (Day 3); Guellala village tour, Jewish quarter and Synagogue of El Ghriba visit (Day 4); Medina of Kairoua tour, Great Mosque of Kairoua visit, Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbe visit (Day 5); Medina of Tunis tour (Day 6)  


  • Meet & greet at Tunis–Carthage International Airport (Day 1)


  • Tips or visa fees 
  • International or domestic flights 
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Drinks during the meals
  • Any type of personal or travel insurance 
  • Other services not clearly indicated in the package inclusions above

Please note

  • Local conditions prevalent at the time of travel may result in modifications to the tour contents without prior notice. 
  • Depending on your arrival and departure flights, the first and last day itineraries may vary and lunch is either included on the first or last day of the roundtrip.
  • On Day 6 we recommend you book your return flight no earlier than 2pm to be able to take part in the morning excursion.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable and light clothing is the most suitable for travelling in Tunisia though a warm jumper and jacket are advisable in the cooler months. Visitors should not wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, short skirts or skimpy clothing when visiting religious or official buildings. Sun protection, sunglasses, a hat and mosquito repellent can be very useful during your stay.

Accommodation options


Day 1 Hammamet:

  • Superior Hotel Category = Hotel Golden Tulip Taj Sultan or similar 5*

Day 2 Matmata:

  • Superior Hotel Category = Hotel Diar El Barbar or similar 4*

Day 3 and 4 Djerba:

  • Superior Hotel Category = Hotel Miramar Aqua Resort or similar 4*

Day 5 Tunis:

  • Superior Hotel Category = Hotel El Mouradi Gammarth or similar 5*

Cancellation policy

    Once ordered, this tour cannot be cancelled or refund or amended at any circumstances.

Day 1 :  ARRIVAL TUNIS – HAMMAMET (75 Km – 1 hr)

Upon arrival at the Tunis–Carthage International Airport, you will be met by your professional guide and driver and transferred to your accommodation. Spend the rest of the day relaxing in the hotel facilities or head outside to explore the area and in the evening enjoy delicious dinner at your hotel.

Overnight in Hammamet .

Day 2 :  HAMMAMET – TAKROUNA – EL DJEM – MATMATA (450 Km – 5.5 hrs)

Start the day with a refreshing breakfast, followed by an even more refreshing view from the 200-meters above sea level Berber village of Takrouna, from the top of which you will see the Gulf of Hammamet and Zaghouan Mountain. You will be picked up from the hotel at around 8 am. After visiting Takrouna village you will head to El Djem for a visit of the Roman Amphitheatre, second largest in the world after the one in Rome. Enjoy a Tunisian menu at a local restaurant then continue your way down to the Berber village of Matmata where you will overnight in a quirky hotel, similar to the real troglodyte habitations of the village. You will arrive at the hotel around 6 pm.

Overnight in Matmata.

Day 3 :  MATMATA – TATAOUINE – CHENINI – DJERBA (300 Km – 6 hrs)

This day is all about discovering the Berber culture. After breakfast, you will be picked up at around 8 am. You will start with Tataouine, the capital of the Berber Region in the South of Tunisia. To understand the Berbers culture, it is important to note their purpose behind living. As the originals of the country, having been there since the beginning and before any other civilization had arrived and started invading their regions, the Berbers used the South and central areas to escape from the Romans, then from the Carthaginians, then from the Arab civilizations that followed. They mostly chose remote areas from where the invaders would sail, and high altitude locations, where they built their habitations, usually in-ground and in a strategic place from which they can see their attackers approaching. There are about 150 Berber Ksours between Matmata, Tataouine and Chenini. Ksours, plural of Ksar, are what the Berber called their habitations. Most of these sites are only accessible by 4-wheelers for they are perched on ridges like Chenini’s Ksours and hanging on hillsides like the Old Guermassa. Some of these Ksours were even used for the filming of the Star Wars movies such as the ones in Ksar Haddada, made of 380 ghorfas, rooms, located on the same level. After lunch in a local restaurant in Tataouine you will head to Djerba at about 6 pm, for check in. Dinner will be served in the hotel.

Overnight in Djerba.

Day 4 :  DJERBA – GUELLALA – DJERBA (70 Km – 1 hr)

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel and be ready for the pick up at around 8 am. You will start this day in the Berber village of Guellala, from the Berber name Iquallalen, meaning potteries and renowned for pottery making, an activity practiced since centuries and defining the main economic base for the locals then and until the present day. After lunch, you will move into a different culture located in Djerba, and equally significant for its history, in the Jewish hood, the center of which is the Synagogue of El Ghriba located in the village of Erriadh. 20 synagogues were once present in Erriadh, one of which is today a site of pilgrimage for many visitors from all over the world. The synagogue is a modest building when seen from the outside, but has a fascinating interior, richly decorated by colorful windows and tiles and authentic and very well preserved furniture. It is most fascinating to know that today Djerba is home to around 1400 Jewish people, living in harmony on the island along with Muslims, reunited under the Tunisian patrimony. Return to your hotel at 6 pm.

Overnight in Djerba.

Day 5 :  DJERBA – KAIROUAN – TUNIS (510 Km – 8 hrs)

On this day you will move to the Capital of Islam in Tunisia, the city of Kairouan. You will be picked up after breakfast at around 8 am and you will start with the visit of the Great Mosque of Kairouan, located in the middle of the Medina and built by the Arab general Uqba Ibn Nafi in 670 AD. The site attracts thousands of local and international visitors for its magnificent architectural and spiritual value. After a walk through the Medina of Kairouan, and a glimpse at the local life, a taste of Tunisian freshly made pastry and a touch of the authentic carpets, you will head to the Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbe. This complex stands outside the medina, on the site of the tomb of one of the Prophet’s companions, Abu Zama’a al-Balawi, known as Sidi Sahbi. It includes a mausoleum, a madrasa and several rooms. The mausoleum is popular and frequently visited by the locals for blessings, ceremonies and religious festivities. At the end of the afternoon at approximately 6 pm you will head back to Tunis for check in. You can spend the rest of the day exploring the area. A flavourful dinner will be served at the hotel.

Overnight in Tunis.


Last but not least, and before you make your way to the airport for departure, you will be taken for a guided visit of the Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, containing some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains dating from the Almohad and the Hafsid periods. The visit will start at about 8 am and will take approximately 2 hours. You will then be transferred to the airport and assisted with departure. (Depending on your arrival and departure flights, the first and last day itineraries may vary and lunch is either included on the first or last day of the roundtrip).