Venice Spritz Time



Venice Spritz Time
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SPRITZ is the classic Venetian aperitiv, a mix of white wine and – normally - Aperol and seltz or sparkling mineral water.
This sunset-colored cocktail is one of the most famous in Venice.
It’s origin are unknown, but it seems that they dated back to when Venice was under the Austrian Empire: as the Austrian were used to drink beer with a lower alcoholic degree, to dilute the Venetian wines they used to put seltz or sparkling water on their glasses; the origin therefore, came from the German verb spritzen which means “to spray”, that is the gesture to dilute wine with sparkling water.

Spritz is the Venetian most iconic cocktails. Meeting friends for a spritz is one of the most popular Venetian habits.
“Having a spritz together” as Venetians used to say, is the perfect pause between work and dinner—to catch up without having to commit to a full evening together.
Enjoy this Venetian wonderful habit in this fabulous “bacaro”, the so-called Venetian pub. You can ask for a Spritz with Aperol (the sweetest), Spritz with Select (bitter), with Campari (bitterer) or with Cynar (strong taste, only for old Venetians).

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* Cannaregio district


* Venetian most famous cocktail
* Typical Venetian "bacaro"
* Enjoy the Spritz time experience like a local


* 01 Spritz
* 02 cicchetti (small appetizers)

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* Hotels pick up/drop off
* Guide (self guided experience)

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* No refund will be accepted for no shows or late arrivals
* The tour will take place also with rain
* Please be on time
* Wheelchairs allowed

Essential Information

Enjoy a Venetian Spritz in a Venetian “bacaro”

Venice Spritz Time
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