Tour To Morro Branco And Fontes Beach

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Tour To Morro Branco And Fontes Beach
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The beaches of Morro Branco and Fontes, together, make up a scenario of enormous orange-colored cliffs by the seaside that contrasts perfectly with the sea. They are part of the district of Beberibe, on the east coast of Ceará, and are 85 and 90 kilometers away from the capital, Fortaleza. The route takes approximately one and a half hours. The landscape also enchants by the presence of the dunes and the small sources of fresh water, besides the colored sand in Morro Branco and the small caves in Fontes.

The tour consists of two parts: the first in Morro Branco and the second in Fontes. At the first beach, the beach is marked by cliffs, natural labyrinths that were formed between the hills by erosion, and by the colorful sand. In Praia de Fontes, tourist support is more consistent, with excellent restaurants, that serve delicious dishes, bathrooms, and showers. This beach is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the peace.

Arriving at the first destination, it is possible to choose the form of locomotion between the two beaches. One of the options is to make a trail with the group and then explore the characteristics of the place and then go to Fontes in the vehicle of the tour. The other option is to hire in Morro Branco the buggy ride and enjoy the adventure and adrenaline.

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Tour To Morro Branco And Fontes Beach
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