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Private tour of Florence Duomo Complex with reserved access to the Cathedral
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Duomo complex’ monuments are the result of the creativity and the ingenuity of world-renowned architects, sculptors, painters such as Arnolfo di Cambio, Giotto, Ghiberti, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Vasari. Your private guided visit will be an exciting journey to discover the masterpieces that these great artists have produced, enriched by anecdotes, legends and curiosities that will surprise you.
The visit will start from the San Giovanni Baptistery, a splendid example of Romanesque architecture: founded in the IV-V century with an unusual octagonal plan, it is covered with marble taken from the remains of the Roman city. It is also famous for the three bronze doors, including the famous Gate of Paradise, and for the interior of the dome entirely covered with precious golden mosaics.
In front of the Baptistery, next to the Cathedral, you will admire Giotto's bell tower, a slender and elegant masterpiece of Florentine Gothic architecture that rises to its height of almost 85 meters. It is covered with polychrome marble and richly decorated with statues and cycles of sculptural reliefs and it is considered the most beautiful in Italy.
You will then enter the majestic Cathedral from a reserved entrance: you will be struck by the elegance and immensity of the space, the precious polychrome marble floor, the figured windows and the wonderful frescoes that cover the interior of the dome. With your guide you will discover the works of art, as well as the unique and curious details and the mysteries still linked to the construction of the famous Brunelleschi's Dome that outlines the city skyline.

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* Florence Cathedral
* Direct and dedicated access
* Private Guide


*Local professional Guide at your side for 2 hours
*Direct and dedicated access to the Cathedral

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* It is recommended that participants wear comfortable shoes

* CANCELLATION POLICY: there will be no penalty for cancellations of tour or service communicated in writing to Caf Tour & Travel up to 48 hours before departure time of the tour or service. Less than 48 hours before departure time of tour or service 100% of the total price will be due and no reimbursement will be granted. No reimbursement will be granted to any client who is not at the place of departure at the time established; similarly, no reimbursement will be granted to clients who lose contact with the guide or who do not complete the tour.

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An extraordinary way to enter the Cathedral with your private guide through a direct and dedicated access

Private tour of Florence Duomo Complex with reserved access to the Cathedral
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