Parrilla Barbecue Tour from Palermo

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Parrilla Barbecue Tour from Palermo
Buenos Aires
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We offer two different routes for our Parrilla Tour, depending on the day of the week:

* Palermo:
Our Palermo tour centers around the Las Cañitas section of Palermo a neighborhood known for its beautiful tree lined avenues, historic polo fields and burgeoning culinary and nightlife scene. On this route we begin at a classic parrilla filled with soccer fanatics known for it’s choripan. Next we will visit a casa de empanadas to try some of our favorite handmade empanadas, before moving on to enjoy some of the best meat and service in the city at a historic and hidden parrilla famous among locals, and finally finishing at an incredible artisanal “heladeria” (ice cream shop).

The Palermo tour is every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 12 pm(noon)

* San Telmo:
The San Telmo tour is for those visitors who love historic architecture, classic parrillas filled with working class Porteños and have a desire for a little adventure. We will begin just off the famous Defensa Street at an old fashioned parrilla with an “asador” (grill cook) with a cult like following among locals. Next a stop at a standing room only choripan restaurant filled with soccer fanatics, followed by a walk down the street to one of the classic Buenos Aires parrillas, before ending the afternoon at a delicious heladeria known for their selection of homemade ice cream flavors.

The San Telmo tour is conducted every Monday and Wednesday beginning at 12 pm (noon) and lasts 2.5-3 hours.

The Parrilla Tour includes:

Walking tour of 3 different authentic local parrillas
Tasting traditional parrilla foods at each stop and excellent Argentine wine
English explanations of the food sampled along with the history of the neighborhood
Visit to one of the best artisanal “heladerias” (ice cream shops) in the city

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* Visit the local's choices of restaurants
* Get off the beaten touristic path
* Discover Buenos Aires though its gastronomic culture


* Native english speaking guide
* A visit to 3 different authentic local restaurants
* Food and wine tasting at each stop
* Visit to a craft ice cream shop at the end

Not included

* Transportation from hotels
* Any additional

Essential Information

Meeting point address: Báez 601, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires at 12 pm(noon)

Essential Information

A delicious Way to discover Buenos Aires! Our takes you try the best barbacues in the city

Parrilla Barbecue Tour from Palermo
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