Paracas National Reserve Half Day Tour

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Paracas National Reserve Half Day Tour
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The tour starts picking you up at the hotel at Paracas to explore the reserve located in the department of Ica, in the province of Pisco. The Ica region is a sunny destination with many tourist attractions like the Nazca Lines and archaeological sites that belonged to the Paracas culture.

The Peruvian coast is home of many kind of coastal marine species, such as the beautiful Humboldt penguin. This amazing bird lives around this area, especially at the Ballestas Islands. This place is a protected area since 1975 and it has a spectacular wildlife due to the cold Humboldt ocean current.

Make a stop at the viewpoint of Supay beach is a must. You will enjoy lovely views to the coast and its cliff. The landscape is truly amazing, you cannot miss the combination of the huge desert with the color of the sea and birds flying around. A real natural show.

After a short walk, we will reach the rock formation called as Cathedral, declared World Heritage Site. This place was affected after a strong earthquake in 2007. The local flora and fauna is amazing, where mammals, reptiles, birds live in this area, such as sea lions, otters, and dolphins.

We will pass along the beautiful coast looking for beautiful beaches, as the Red Beach whose reddish sand is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions, making it one of the most unusual places in the world. Also, we will explore the Yumaque Beach, a beautiful cove with moon shape, where we will have the opportunity to see seagulls and dolphins.

The tour of the reserve continues visiting the flamingos view point, migratory birds that come to this place for seasons. Then, we will go to the Interpretation Room to learn about the importance of this reserve, as well as its history, and the local flora and fauna. Also, we will able to admire marine fossils found in this place.

The last stop will be at Lagunillas beach, a pretty fisherman’s bay where you will have time to taste a delicious and fresh Ceviche (optional). This is one of the most important Peruvian dishes made with raw fish marinated with lemon juice.

At the end of this wonderful tour, you will be transferred to your hotel in Paracas.

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*Tour to the one of the most important Peruvian National Reserve
*Explore a natural peninsula with a unique ecosystem
*Learn about the local fauna and flora from the professional bilingual guides
*Get to know a World Heritage site as the Cathedral
*Admire impressive natural rock formations around


* Transfers to and from the hotel located in Paracas
* Spanish / English Guide
* Entrance Fee To The National Reserve

Not included

* Meal and drinks
* Gratuities

Essential Information

Cancellations without charges up to 24 hours before start the tour

You should bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

Essential Information

This 4-hour tour will take through the Paracas National Reserve, to explore beaches and natural rock formations, full of fauna and flora

Paracas National Reserve Half Day Tour
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