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Northern Lights Mystery - No Pickup included in fare
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This Northern Lights Tour takes you out of Reykjavik the city lights in hope of seeing the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis, another name for the Northern Lights, are a natural phenomenon and therefore sighting is not guaranteed. We will drive you to the countryside, into complete darkness, in hope of seeing the skies glow.

What will I do?
When Northern Lights have been spotted, you will be able to go outside and see the fantastic shapes and colours in the dark sky. You will have plenty of time to take photos and truly enjoy the moment.

Why should I go?
Iceland is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights due to our location on the planet. We have operated Northern Lights tours for more than 10 years. Our staff is therefore very experienced and aware of the necessary factors that increase your chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

So if you have the opportunity to see and enjoy something so spectacular, well - we suggest you take it!

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* Watching the Northern Lights flashing across the sky in brilliant patterns
* Learning about the science of Northern Lights
* Engaging and educating guidance


* Round trip transportation
* Professional tour guide
* WiFi on board

Not included

Essential Information

* A decision is taken daily latest at 5 pm whether the tour will take place or not, depending on Northern Lights forecast. Tour may be cancelled if weather conditions are unfavorable.
To confirm whether the tour will take place, please visit or contact our sales office.
* Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon - no one can guarantee sightings.
* Please note that this tour is non refundable when the ticket has been used. If you don't see the Northern Lights on the tour, please visit our site at and choose REBOOK/CHANGE to book another Northern Lights tour free of charge(valid 2 years from departure date of your tour).

* Our tours are by default guided in English.
* Spanish: Mondays & Fridays at 21:00
* Mandarin: Tuesdays & Saturdays at 21:00
* Japanese: Sundays at 21:00

Essential Information

Experience the mysterious Northern Lights in Iceland with their ghostly dance in the winter night sky and learn about the science behind the magic

Northern Lights Mystery - No Pickup included in fare
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