Mataderos Fair Tour

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Mataderos Fair Tour
Buenos Aires
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The tour begins around midday from our San Telmo office. From ther, we will go to the Mataderos Fair. Upon arrival, have some free time to visit the old archway of the market and then we will visit the “Museo Criollo de los Corrales”. This museum has many rural objects and will give us an idea of how gauchos lived in the pampas through clothing, tools and everyday objects. It will also show us how in Argentina the stockbreeding industry started to develop, from the period when Indians ruled the pampas until Argentina became one of the main exporters and a world leader in meats. We’ll see weapons, knives, carriages, animals, paintings and even the famous “quincho” or “ranch”, the meeting point for the countryside meals. Later we’ll go to lunch at the fair stalls.

We will taste some typical foods such as tamales (ground meat with spices boiled into a corn leaf), humita en chala (similar to the tamales but instead of meat, ground corn with cheese), locro (a typical Argentinean stew) and the world-famous empanadas. Everything accompanied by one complimentary beverage. After lunch we will have more free time to visit the stalls where we will find apart from the handcrafts mentioned above, sweets, musical instruments, albums, clothes, accessories and objects for everyday use.

Another place to visit is the historical Oviedo Bar a place that used to be an old grocery store that supplied the slaughterhouse workers.

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* Experience the country life without leaving the city
* Taste the most traditional meals from each region
* Enjoy live music, dancing and gaucho skills shows


*Transfer from meeting point
*Guide In Spanish & English
*Lunch (One meal and and drink per person)

Not included

*Transfer from hotels
*Personal expenses

Mataderos Fair Tour
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