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During this round trip journey, enjoy the comfort of a luxury motor coach equipped with airline-style reclining seats, footrests, air conditioning, and expansive vista view windows. Our professional guide will provide captivating narration, ensuring you don't miss a single detail.

Embark on an unforgettable Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Cruise Tour from Las Vegas, where we pick you up from most Las Vegas hotels. Experience the marvel of this engineering masterpiece, the Hoover Dam, a remarkable feat of its time and one of the largest and most successful government projects ever undertaken.

The Hoover Dam stands as an iconic symbol of American engineering and a testament to the ingenuity and determination of the 20th century. Its construction, which began in 1931 during the Great Depression, was an ambitious undertaking that employed thousands of workers in the harsh and unforgiving desert environment of Black Canyon.

Originally known as the Boulder Dam, it was later renamed in honor of President Herbert Hoover, who played a key role in promoting the project. The dam was envisioned as a solution to control the unpredictable Colorado River, which frequently caused devastating floods and hindered water and power resources in the region.

Rising 726 feet above the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam was a groundbreaking engineering marvel of its time. It required the excavation of over 3.25 million cubic yards of rock and the pouring of 4.4 million cubic yards of concrete, making it one of the largest concrete structures in the world. The dam's arch-gravity design efficiently withstood the immense pressure of the water, while its intricate network of tunnels and powerhouses harnessed hydroelectricity, supplying energy to multiple states.

The completion of the Hoover Dam in 1936 brought numerous benefits to the American Southwest. It provided a reliable water source for irrigation, enabling the transformation of arid lands into fertile agricultural areas. The dam's reservoir, Lake Mead, became the largest man-made lake in the United States and a recreational haven for boating, fishing, and water-based activities.

Today, the Hoover Dam attracts millions of visitors who marvel at its grandeur and appreciate its historical significance. It serves as a testament to human perseverance, the collaborative efforts of engineers and workers, and the impact of infrastructure on society and the environment. The Hoover Dam remains an enduring symbol of American progress and continues to generate clean and renewable energy, standing as a remarkable feat of engineering prowess.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the Desert Princess paddle wheeler glides along Lake Mead, offering stunning views of the Hoover Dam and its awe-inspiring surroundings. Only a short distance from Las Vegas, Lake Mead presents a serene respite from the vibrant Neon Jungle. Step aboard the authentic Mississippi-style Paddle Wheel Boat, the Desert Princess, purpose-built to navigate the tranquil and refreshing blue waters of Lake Mead.

Lake Mead, located less than an hour from Las Vegas, holds a significant historical legacy along with its natural splendor. It is a product of the visionary efforts behind the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. Named after Elwood Mead, a renowned water management expert, the lake was created by impounding the Colorado River, providing a reliable water supply and hydroelectric power to the Southwest United States.

The formation of Lake Mead submerged the once-arid desert landscape, giving rise to a vast reservoir spanning over 110 miles in length and boasting a shoreline of approximately 550 miles. This massive body of water not only supports surrounding communities but also acts as a vital recreational hub.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, established in 1964, safeguards this remarkable reservoir and its encompassing natural wonders. The area stretches across 1.5 million acres, encompassing vibrant ecosystems, towering cliffs, and captivating rock formations. Visitors can witness the remnants of ancient civilizations through archaeological sites that reveal the rich history of indigenous peoples who once thrived in the region.

Exploring Lake Mead offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the delicate balance between human ingenuity and the power of nature. As you cruise aboard the Desert Princess, let the historical significance of Lake Mead and its pivotal role in shaping the American Southwest enhance your appreciation for this breathtaking destination.

Relish the climate-controlled comfort of the enclosed decks or venture to the open promenade deck, feeling the wind in your hair and the warm desert sun on your face. As you cruise, delve into the historical significance of the Hoover Dam, often hailed as one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of the World. Seize this incredible opportunity to stand atop this iconic symbol of American history.

Don't let this chance slip away. Book your Hoover Dam & Lake Mead adventure now and be captivated by the blend of natural beauty, engineering excellence, and rich historical significance.

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* Explore the awe-inspiring Hoover Dam with an ample time of up to 90 minutes.
* Capture breathtaking photos from the scenic Nevada and Arizona look-out points, creating unforgettable memories.
* Embark on a serene 90-minute boat cruise aboard the magnificent Desert Princess, an authentic Mississippi-style Paddle Wheel Boat.
* Savor a delightful deli-style lunch with choice of Ham, Turkey, or Vegatarian.
* Enjoy a remarkable experience filled with natural wonders and culinary delights.
* Book your unforgettable journey now!


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* Should a motor coach equipped with a lift be necessary, notification must be provided at least 72 hours prior to the date of travel
* Availability of motor coaches with lift equipment is not guaranteed
* All motor coaches are certified by the Department of Transportation and are capable of kneeling to curb height
* Service animals are permitted to accompany passengers, provided that proper and up-to-date documentation is presented; small oxygen tanks are also allowed
* All reservations must be confirmed no later than 24 hours before the scheduled travel date
* A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect for all tours
* Passengers who have a pacemaker will not be able to go inside the Hoover Dam due to the electromagnets in use inside
* No food or drink is allowed inside the Hoover Dam
* Don't be duped by other tour companies who add fees at check-out book with confidence knowing you're getting the best deal.
* Book with a brand you can trust Gray Line, the world-famous Blue Diamond.
* By choosing Gray Line you ensure that you have the best of the best at your service.

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Experience our Hoover Dam & Lake Mead tour that picks you up from Las Vegas and includes a 90-minute ride on a Mississippi-style paddle wheeler boat!

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Cruise Tour Bus Tours on the Desert Princess
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