Enchanting Venice - Private Gondola Experience

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Enchanting Venice - Private Gondola Experience
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The gondola is one of the main symbols of Venice, as emblematic of the famous water city as mysterious in its origins. Not many people know that at the beginning this unique vessel was different from the one we can admire today, changing across time together with the city it is associated to. Of course, the history of the gondola is deeply bounded to the one of Venice.

Considered one of the most beautiful and elegant boats on Earth, it is built through unique techniques and each part of it also has symbolic meanings. For example, its multi-pronged ferro, or prow, does have five or six “pettini”, symbolic of the six “sestieri” in which Venice is divided into. The function of this part made of iron is to balance gondoliere’s weigh and it has an “S” shape evoking the flow of the Canal Grande.
Not only elegance and beauty then, a whole world embodied into this boat nowadays symbol of Venice.

Let yourself experience in first person the gondola through this tour.

An enchanting and relaxing way to enjoy the colors, lights, sights, charm and beauty of Venice. You will admire elegant bank-side palaces, unique bridges and breath the charming and magic atmosphere that only a town built on water can give you.

Can you imagine a better experience to share with the people you love? Probably difficult to find.

Just take your smile and beloved one with you, the timeless beauty of Venice seen from the gondola will do the rest.

Please note that, due to the new regulations:
- The gondola can accommodate maximum 5 people (plus the gondolier)
- Clients must sanitize their hands with the gel dispencer available in each gondola pier
- Clients must wear face mask during boarding/disembarking and throughout the tour

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* Little canals aound San Moisè area
* Grand Canal with Amazing view of the Salute Church


* A 25/30 minutes ride on the traditional Venetian Gondola (private one)
* The timeless beauty of Venice seen from the water
* Amazing photography opportunities
* Slide among centuries of history and picturesque views
* Experience the deepest side of Venice, away from the crowds


* 25/30 minutes ride on a traditional Venetian gondola

Not included

* Explainations during the ride (no guide)

Essential Information

* Please note that the price is intended for daily gondola ride
* Our staff will contact you to settle the pick-up point/time that best suit your needs and wishes
* No refund will be accepted for no shows or late comers. If you are late you need to contact us and can ask to do tour another day/time.
* The Gondola Ride will be provided rain or shine, only in case of very heavy rain it might be cancelled and the tour will be refunded (if not taken another day/time).

Essential Information

Admire Venice from the most exclusive and breathtaking point of view: the water. Slide among centuries of history and picturesque views on a gondola

Enchanting Venice - Private Gondola Experience
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