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Byzantine Venice & Gondola Ride (Skip the Line)
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This combination of three tours will take you to the heart of Venice and its Byzantine art heritage

The first part will take into the enchanting Venice made up of countless bridges, channels and "campo" (little squares), the pulsing heart of a water city. Following our experienced tour guide, we will learn more about Venice's resent and past and interesting facts about life in a city built on water. Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Campo and Church SS. Giovanni e Paolo, the Mercerie, are only some of the highlights which will be admired during this walk.

In the second part of the tour let yourself admire Venice from a unique perspective: the water. In an eye glimpse, it will be like being projected into another world, away from the crowded alleys of the historical center and ready to discover a deeper side of Venice.

At last, we will discover not only one of Venice's most famous sites and symbols, but also one among the world's most beautiful and breathtaking cathedrals: The St Mark's Basilica.
Overlooking St Mark's Square and St Mark's Basin, the Basilica is one of the finest exemple of Byzantine art in the world.
Surrounded by the majesic interiors of the Basilica, we will learn more about venice's history and in particular about its patron saint, St Mark. How did the saint's relics end up shielded here? Where do all these foreign decorations adorning the Basilica's interiors and exteriors come from? Let's discover it together!

IMPORTANT!!: Between the Basilica guided tour and the gondola ride you will have approx a 3 hour-break.

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* St Mark's Square (external)
* Santa Maria Formosa
* Campo and Church SS. Giovanni e Paolo
* Mercerie
* Little channels around St Mark's Square area
* St Mark's Basilica


* Discover Venice from two unique perspectives
* Interesting facts about Venice's history and present
* Characteristic "campo", Venice's little and picturesque squares
* Photography opportunities
* A glimpse into ordinary life of Venetian people
* The truly beauty of Venice and its peaceful canals
* Learn about the symbols and the history of the Basilica’s interiors


* Experienced tour guide
* Skip the line entrance to the Basilica
* Entrance to Museum & Terrace
* Personal headsets to hear the guide better
* 25/30 minutes gondola ride (shared one, up to 5 people on one gondola)

Not included

* Food or Beverage
* Hotels pickup/drop off

Essential Information

* For security reasons backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the Basilica
* Please wear appropriate clothes to enter the Basilica (no bare knees or shoulders)
* Please note that it is a shared gondola (up to 5 people for each one) so the gondola might be shared with other people
* Please note that no refund will be accepted for no shows or late arrivals. The Gondola Ride will take place also with rain, only in case of very heavy rain it might be cancelled and the tour will be refunded (if not taken another day/time).
The gondola ride will be at 3.00pm. Between the Basilica guided tour and the gondola ride you will have approx a 3 hour-break.

Essential Information

A tour combination to discover the enchanting side of Venice through a morning walk, the St Mark's Basilica, and a romantic gondola ride

Byzantine Venice & Gondola Ride (Skip the Line)
Next Booking: June 13, 2023
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