Blue Lake Cave






Blue Lake Cave
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Our tour starts with a pick-up service from your centrally located hotel in Bonito, to take to the Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave), located in the Serra da Bodoquena area. This is a place you must visit, as is the postcard picture of Bonito.

The excursion begins with a sightseeing walk along a 300 mt trail (984 ft). The path is a natural formation, a result of the footsteps marks of animals and people over the years. It will lead us through a dense forest to reach the entrance of the cave. During the walk, the guide will show us the native flora and fauna. If we are lucky we might get to see macaws, monkeys or toucans.

Once in the entrance of the cave, we start our way down through a 200 mt stair carved in the ground. As we go deeper into this cave, the light begins faint, and we will get really close to the lake, but not into it, as it is not allowed. There, you will be marveled by the intense blueish color of the waters and the underground landscape, formed by millions of years old rock formations. The waters are so clear that you won't realize that you are looking at a 90 mt deep lake.

One of the main reasons this place is so well preserved is because, until 1924, no human set foot inside. Before that, the only evidence of life inside the cave was the massive mammals fossils from about 10,000 years ago that were discovered by cave divers, their belonging to the Saber-tooth tiger and giant ground sloth.

After enjoying the amazing scenery and taking lots of pictures, we will start our way up. You will be returned to your hotel around midday, ending the tour

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90-minute guided tour down to the Lago Azul Grotto
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Hotel pickup and drop-off

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Blue Lake Cave
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