Beagle Channel Yacht Sailing

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Beagle Channel Yacht Sailing
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
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We start our excursion with the transfer from the hotels to the Tourist Port, where we board the yacht that will take us around the bay of Ushuaia, while enjoying the mountainous environment. Delicious snacks will be served on board, such as tea, hot chocolate, coffee with liquor, cookies and of course, the typical Argentine mate. During the navigation we will be able to see up close several points of interest, such as the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs, icon of the city. We will sail past the Cormorants, which can normally be seen lying on the cliffs of the rocks. In other islands we can find sea lions of one hair and two hairs. We continue to the Birds Island where the royal and imperial cormorants live.
Then, we head towards Bridges Island, famous for its Yamana shells and its splendid view of the Chilean and Argentinean coasts. We disembark and walk along a trail, during which, our guides will be helping us with the interpretation of the flora, the birds and the archaeological remains that we may find on the way. After approximately 45 minutes of walking, we go back to the boat to return to the port, and from there, to our hotels.

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* Get to see some of Ushuaia's landmarks
* Experience a close encounter with the sea lions and local birds
* Be accompanied by professional bilingual guides


*Transfers From Hotels
* Navigation
* Snacks
* Guide

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Sail throughout the coast of Ushuaia in a first class Yacht to visit the Beagle Channel highlights

Beagle Channel Yacht Sailing
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