Amazon Natural Museums Combo (INPA and MUSA)

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Amazon Natural Museums Combo (INPA and MUSA)
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Two natural Amazonian parks in one tour!

One of the many city natural parks and part of research lab, Museu da Amazonia (aka MUSA) offers nearly 250 acres of nature near the center of Manaus, Brazil. Access the trails, trees, frogs, orchids, and birds, and climb up the 135 foot observation tower with a guide for views over the whole thing.

Created in 1952 and implemented in 1954 - the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) - over the years, it has been conducting scientific studies of the physical environment and living conditions of the Amazon region to promote human well-being and socio-economic development regional economy. Currently, INPA is a world reference in Tropical Biology.

The first years of INPA were characterized by surveys, surveys and inventories of fauna and flora. Today, the challenge is to sustainably expand the use of natural resources in the Amazon.

In order to meet the challenge, the Institute has the general coordination of Training, Administration, Strategic Actions, Extension and four Research Coordination working in the following areas: Environmental Dynamics, Society, Environment and Health; Technology and Innovation and Biodiversity.

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Amazon Natural Museums Combo (INPA and MUSA)
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