Addis Ababa to Cairo (38 Days) Nile Trans
Addis Ababa to Cairo (38 Days) Nile Trans
Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt
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This expedition through the historically and culturally rich, and geographically diverse countries of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt takes you from the Ethiopian highlands (Africa's largest mountain range), to the deserts of Sudan and the coral reefs of the Red Sea. Ethiopia, itself has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other African country and Egypt needs very little introduction to its unique historical sites. This trip takes in major exotic-sounding cities, like Khartoum and gets well off the beaten track in between.

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We spend a couple of days in Addis Ababa where we have the chance to indulge in some authentic Ethiopian coffee or explore 'El Mercato' - one of East Africa's largest open-air markets. We also spend the next few days organising our Sudanese and Egyptian visas - before heading onto Bahir Darvia the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge & Falls.

Bahidar is based on the southern edge of Lake Tana - you can organise boat trips to some of the small islands which have Monasteries dating back up to 900 years, and which are still looked after by monks who live from subsistence farming or take a trip to Blue Nile Falls. Lalibela, famous for its 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches is our next destination where you have the option of a guided tour of one of Ethiopia's holiest cities.

Gondar (the capital of Ethiopia from 1632 until 1868), we spend a few days where it is possible to organise overnight trips to the Simien Mountains National Park - home to the Gelada Baboon, hikes are available in the area. You may also wish to arrange a trip to the holy city of Axum dating from the 12th Century have been kept alive by generations of dedicated priests who guard their precious religious and artistic artefacts. The border with Sudan is not far from Gondar and the first town after the border is Gedaref & Wadi Medani.

The hospitality in Sudan can be surprising - but very genuine. For such a poor country with so many recent problems - Sudanese people are often too willing to invite you for a meal or a cup of 'Sudanese whisky' - better known as tea! Khartoum is our next stop and it has a fantastic setting on the confluence of the Blue and White Niles. Our stay here is on the banks of the Nile at the quirky but interesting Blue Nile Sailing Club. It houses one of General Kitchener's old Gunboats, a relic from the British military campaign against the Mahdi over a century ago. For such a large city, Khartoum feels quite laid back. Here you can visit the Hamed al-Nil Tomb or take a trip to the daily camel market or viewing the confluence of the two Niles are also interesting ways to pass the time.

The ancient Pyramids at Meroe lie to the north of the capital Khartoum. Our drive across the Nubian Desert will see us either hugging the banks of the Nile as it snakes its way north or possibly experiencing the vast open desert plains which are dissected by the main train line from Khartoum - making this our only real point of reference. Whether passing through sleepy Nubian villages, resting in tea rooms, pottering around the local souqs or experiencing total isolation in the middle of the desert - a unique experience awaits you along with this not so travelled route to Wadi Halfa.

Upon reaching Lake Nasser and Wadi Halfa in Northern Sudan, we enter Egypt and board the ferry to Abu Simbel - our ultimate destination on our expedition. We arrive in the small village of Abu Simbel, where you will notice you will notice one of the many cultural changes on this trip - the darker Nubian people lead a more relaxed and less hectic pace of life than their Egyptian countrymen. You have the opportunity to visit Abu Simbel - the massive stone monuments built by the greatest of all pharaohs, Ramses ll, after spending the night we will travel in convoy to the city of Aswan. Philae temple, Nubian museum, an evening boat cruise to a Nubian village and walking through the colourful souk, is a great way to spend your days here. You can also join a 2 or 3 day felucca boat cruise to Edfu and/or Kom Ombo before arriving into Luxor.

You will be kept busy exploring Luxor - where we visit the Valley of Kings and Queens. Here, the remarkably well-preserved tombs of the ancient rulers -namely Ramses ll and Tutankhamun -have coloured paintings and hieroglyphics that still seem fresh even after 3000 years. Karnak and Luxor Temples are both in easy walking distance from our camp - as is the local souq where you can pick up the last of your souvenirs. The following day we drive out towards the Red Sea Coast. You will have time to relax on the beach or try your hand at various watersports such as snorkelling, windsurfing or scuba diving in the cool clear blue waters.

Our final destination, Cairo is only a days drive away. Visiting the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza with our Egyptologist guide and also the Egyptian Natural History Museum in the afternoon is a fitting way to end this amazing expedition.


Navigating Merkato, the largest open-air market in Africa
Visit the unique 12th century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela
Take a boat out onto Lake Tana with monasteries dating back 900 years
Discover the churches and unique castles in the majestic city of Gondar
Experience the friendliness and hospitable nature of the Sudanese
Enjoy sunset at the Pyramids at Meroe surrounded by golden sand dunes
Camping 'under the stars' in the vast Nubian Desert in Sudan
Relax on the beach and swim in the cool clear blue waters of the Red Sea
Set sail down the Nile, one of the world's most iconic rivers on a traditional felucca sailboat
Explore the ma


  • Accommodation - approx. 50% camping & 50% simple hostels/hotels
  • Pyramids & Sphinx day tour & guide
  • Lake Nasser Ferry
  • Entry into Meroe Pyramids
  • Meals - approx. 60%
  • All Transport on Oasis Expedition Truck
  • Camping and Cooking equipment
  • Services of Oasis Crew

Not included

  • Visas
  • Local Payment of USD 740 (2023), USD790 (2024) or USD 850 (2025) payable at the start of the trip
  • Optional Excursions as listed in the Pre-Departure Information
  • Flights
  • Airport Taxes & Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals - approx. 40%
  • Drinks
  • Tips
Addis Ababa to Cairo (38 Days) Nile Trans
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