4X4 Tour To Lagoa Bonita (Grandes Lençois)







4X4 Tour To Lagoa Bonita (Grandes Lençois)
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The tour starts at 2:00 pm and departs from the main hotels in Barreirinhas on board a 4x4 vehicle in the direction of Lagoa Bonita Circuit in a distance of approximately 15 kilometers. The level of walking is considered average, because to start the circuit we will need to climb a 30 meter dune with the help of a rope. The beautiful scenery formed with the dunes fields and the national park give breath to finish the climb.

The view that we have when we finish the walk from the top of the dunes is a must see. At that point we started the walk along Lagoa Bonita Circuit. During the rainy season it is possible to observe several lakes along the way, including one that was the scene of a famous Brazilian dramaturgy. At Lagoa Bonita we can take a delicious and invigorating bath while enjoying an unforgettable sunset.

In the late afternoon the tour ends and the 4x4 vehicle takes us back to the hotel, where the arrival is scheduled for 7:00 pm, after an intense unforgettable afternoon.


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4X4 Tour To Lagoa Bonita (Grandes Lençois)
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