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View from London

The Top 10 Things to Do When Visiting London

View from London

With so much to see and do in London, it can be difficult to choose only a few attractions to prioritize for your visit. In a city of 9 million people, there are always plenty of things to draw your attention, from plays and events to museums, historical sites, and unique architecture. 

Whether you’re visiting London on holiday or vacation, stopping in to see the city as part of a larger trip, or have always wanted to live in London and are testing the city out for size, there are a multitude of options for your visit.  

Find the perfect things to do in London, including plenty of options for people visiting on their own, with a partner or spouse, on business, or with the whole family. Check out the top 10 things to do when visiting London to make sure that your trip is one that you won’t regret! 

London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is perhaps one of the most iconic and stunning features of the London skyline. It is also the UK’s most popular paid visitor attraction. At 135 metres tall, the London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. On clear days, visitors can experience 40 kilometre panoramic views from the observation pods, making it easily one of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

The London Eye was conceived of and designed by Marks Barfield Architects and was launched in 2000 to draw in visitors from all over the world. Since its inception, the London Eye has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, engineering achievement, and outstanding architectural quality. 

With 32 glass capsules that take riders on a 30-minute adventure, from atop the London Eye you’ll be able to experience spectacular views of the entire city of London and its famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and Trafalgar Square—not to mention the spectacular view. 

In addition to the incredible views, a 4D film adds an extra dimension of history to the experience that new riders are sure to appreciate. At three minutes long, the film offers viewers a chance to see the first ever 3D aerial photography of London.  

Make sure to book your tickets to ride on the London Eye and get the perfect prelude to an eventful time in the city. You might even decide to visit some of the incredible landmarks that you see on your ride in the sky! 

Go See a Musical at London’s West End

London street

London’s West End features some of the world’s best musicals and theatre productions. Ticket Here suggests booking an amazing experience at one of the many ongoing musicals—for yourself, your partner, with friends, or with the whole family.  

Some of the most popular musicals to see right now include SIX, The Lion King, Wicked, Frozen, Only Fools and Horses, Matilda The Musical, among so many more. London theatre is incredibly accessible to the public, with dozens of local theatres in the city offering musicals, plays, and theatre productions throughout the week at convenient times and locations. 

Unlike Broadway in NYC, tickets in London’s West End tend to be affordable enough that you can see a show with plenty of other people, or even see a few shows if you have enough time. 

With tickets starting at only £6 and peaking at under £90, your budget will stretch far beyond your expectations when you see a plan in London’s West End, easily rising to the top of to-do lists as one of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. Book your tickets today to find great offers and deals on some of the most incredible musicals. Find your Ticket Here.

London Dungeon

London Dungeon

Beyond the stunning architecture and British charm, there also lies a darker side to London’s history.  Located in the heart of the city and filled with spine-tingling shows, rides, and interactive displays, there is something for everyone to appreciate at this London attraction.

The London Dungeon is the perfect unique and spooky experience for those looking for something out of the ordinary for their trip. Get entertained and get scared as you learn about various gory and macabre events from the dark side of British history.

The London Dungeon features historical actors, interactive shows, special effects, rides, and more and is the perfect attraction for a trip to London. The London Dungeon also includes a spooky maze, drop ride, and gruesome relics from tortures past, making it one of the top 10 things to do when visiting London.

Here are just some of the nearly two dozen exciting sections of the London Dungeon:

Dungeon Maze – This interactive “maze” experience takes you through a series of winding and twisting corridors and dimly lit chambers filled with notorious figures and surprises aplenty.
Drop Dead Drop Ride – Get on a ride that will have you descend into the depths of the Dungeon. Try to muffle your own screams as you listen to the eerie sounds of the city and its past inhabitants who haunt the dark passageways of the London Dungeon.
Torture Chamber – Learn about and experience some of the most gruesome torture techniques and implements from London’s past. From the iron maiden to surgical implements, there’s something from everyone.

Explore the infamous London Dungeon today! Get your tickets to the London Dungeon here.

Sea Life London Aquarium

London Sea life aquarium

See the bounty of the sea at the London Dea Life Aquarium. This world-class aquatic playground is located in the heart of the city and is home to some of the most incredible marine creatures in the world, and is a family-friendly adventure on our top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

From stunning fish to cute penguins, colorful clownfish, sea turtles, octopus, sea horses, jellyfish, and more, you’ll have the chance to view and interact with over 500 species of fish and hundreds more sea creatures. Learn about and view natural habitats, learn about marine life, and take pictures with some of the most popular exhibits to make memories for a lifetime! 

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned aquarium aficionado, London Sea Life Aquarium is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Explore the world of the reef with vibrant anemones, coral gardens, and sea creatures that most won’t see outside of films. 

In addition to fun with sea creatures, the Sea Life London Aquarium offers a range of educational activities for visitors of all ages. Ask questions and learn about the different species in the Aquarium from the helpful staff. 

Attend special talks and presentations to gain insight into the world of aquatic life. Visit the interactive touch pools to get up close and personal with some of the resident animals and be sure to bring the entire family. Get your Ticket Here to the Sea Life London Aquarium

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour + River Tour

Red London Bus

Interested in seeing London without all the constraints of a typical tour?  

See the best of London with our hop-on hop-off bus. Choose from 60+ stops throughout central London. Hop on and hop off for a calendar day and cruise through the Thames on a sightseeing boat ride. With free Wi-Fi on all open top buses, audio guides available in 11 languages, and a complimentary river boat tour, you can explore the entire city at your own pace! 

Whether you decide to stay on the open top bus to soak in panoramic views of London or hop-off at any of the bus stops dotted across the city, there’s plenty to see and discover on this ride! When checking off any of the top 10 things to do when visiting London, make sure the hop-on hop-off bus tour is a part of your itenerary. 

Choose from any of the available routes to ensure you see everything on your list and have a great time: 

The Classic Tour (Blue route): Covers all the main Central London sights and visits London’s Museum Quarter. 

The Essential Tour (Red route): Passes Madame Tussauds and Kings Cross, as well as Hyde Park and Regents Park, two of the prettiest parks in London. 

The Morning and Evening Drop Off Service (Yellow and Green routes): Operating in the morning and late afternoon, this route travels from the popular hotel districts to Central London. 

Book your hop-on hop-off bus tour online now through Ticket Here! 

Warner Bros Studio Tour London

bus to Warner Bros

Named one of top-rated tours in the U.K. by a variety of prominent travel websites and the thousands of people who have experienced the magic firsthand, the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London is a must-see attraction for anyone planning to visit London. 

Although the tour is often sold out on the official website, you can still get tickets for the coveted experience through Ticket Here. We offer guaranteed tour date availability, so you can visit Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Diagon alley all in one afternoon. 

During this unique tour through the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio, visitors can view two soundstages and a backlot filled with animatronic creatures, original sets, and the tools behind the breathtaking special effects used in all eight of the iconic Harry Potter films. 

Since the Harry Potter books were still being written and released as the films were being made, the film production crews at Warner Bros. Studio Leavesden saved many of the movies’ costumes, props, artefacts, and sets in case they were needed for future films in the series. 

The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London is a real treat for Harry Potter movie fans and is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in London. If you’re a Potter fan, include this on your list of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. Both Harry Potter book and movie fans will appreciate the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, so book your tickets now! 

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Marvel at the artistry and realism of familiar wax figures at Madame Tussauds London. From prominent Hollywood, Bollywood, and rock royalty to the royal family and more, don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with over 150 lifelike wax figures of your favourite celebrities and historical figures. 

In addition to wax figures, Madame Tussauds features a taxi ride that takes you through 400 years of London’s history, a 4D movie with Mavel’s crime-fighting team of superheroes, and a display of some of the most epic figures of the Star Wars universe from a galaxy far, far away. 

Some of the most notable figures include Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family, Adele, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Taylor Swift, Cara Delavigne, David Bowie, Stormzy, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, and more! 

Get up close and personal with some of London’s most infamous criminals from the last 150 years in the Baker Street Chamber of Horrors. 

Choose to include add on adventures during your time at Madame Tussauds like access to Sherlock Holmes Experience and Alien Escape. You can walk among prominent figures with eerie like-like resemblance to famous individuals we all know and love, making this a must-see attraction on our list of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

Book your tickets to Madame Tussauds London now at Ticket Here!  

Go on a Stadium Tour


Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just a casual observer, a visit to one of the many London stadiums should be on your to-do list. For a sports fan, a stadium tour is easily one of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

Check out a few of the most popular stadium tours and what you can expect to see and do while you’re there: 

Wembley – Sports fans will love a tour of Wembley Stadium – the largest football and music venue in the UK! During the 75-minute tour you’ll venture into areas usually only accessible to sports stars and live acts, using your souvenir map and interactive guide, available in five languages, for a truly unique experience. 

Tottenham Hotspur – Take a tour of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to follow in the footsteps of the players with exclusive access to first team areas from the changing rooms to the managerial dugout. Learn about cutting-edge architectural design features that make the stadium the first of its kind in the UK. 

Arsenal-Emirates – Take a tour of the Emirates Stadium, and e joy audio commentary throughout with a fascinating audio guide. Venture down the Players’ Tunnel and have your picture taken with the FA cup. Explore dressing rooms where the players prepare for matches. Go pitch side for sensational views of the stadium.  

Twickenham – A tour of Twickenham Stadium is a fantastic way to discover more about the iconic home of England Rugby and to see the World Rugby Museum. Take a seat in the England dressing room; soak up the atmosphere in the Royal Box and imagine the roar of the crowd as you run out of the players’ tunnel. 

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, dedicated to Paul the Apostle, has stood in some form or another on the same site since 604 AD. Its present form was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century after the Great Fire of London. For any lover of art, history, or architecture, a visit to see St. Paul’s Cathedral is make it onto our suggestions for the top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral has dominated the London skyline for over 300 years and seen many historic events come to pass. It survived the Blitz and is the final resting place of Christopher Wren and Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. It was also the setting for the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. 

Explore the stunning architecture inside the Cathedral, including the 365 metre Dome, the artwork, and the tombs. Wander through the Stone Gallery, the Golden Gallery, and the 16 ½ tonne bell in the Southwest tower affectionately known as ‘Great Paul’.  

In 2008, Peter Marlowe was commissioned by Royal Mail to photograph St Paul’s Cathedral and five other cathedrals on the 300th year anniversary of the completion of St Paul’s Cathedral. The exhibition of these commemorative photographs is open between 6th December 2022 and 26th January 2023, located in the South Nave Aisle and is included for sightseeing ticketholders. 

Book your tickets to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and marvel at the stunning feat of engineering and architecture.  

See The View from The Shard


Experience the incredible view from atop London’s tallest and most impressive attraction. As the tallest building in western Europe, the Shard stands 310 metres  (1,016 ft) tall, making it twice the height of any other viewing platform in London. For dazzling views and heights, seeing the view from the top of the Shard makes it on our list of the top 10 things to do when visiting London. 

The viewing platform from the Shard offers a 360-degree, 40-mile unimpeded view of London. Ticket holders can stay on the viewing platform as long as they like, making it a truly one-of-a-kind experience and a must-do if visiting London. 

The main viewing gallery is on level 69, and the lift travels at six metres per second, allowing you to travel from Level 1 to Level 68 in about 60 seconds. The main viewing gallery itself is three stories high and flooded with natural light during the day. To go even higher, venture to the partially outdoor viewing gallery on level 72. 

Surround yourself with stunning ‘shards’ of glass that reflect the lights of London at breathtaking heights. Book tickets to see the view from the Shard, including a fully flexible entry time for the date you select.