How to get to Harry Potter Studio


Are you visiting Harry Potter Studio London? Here is very useful information how to get to Harry Potter Studio London

Harry Potter Studio is in Greater London. But it is not located in central London. 
You need to consider time space for return journey. But it is not difficult to get to Harry Potter Studio.

Here is our transportation guide for new comers 

First of all,  here is the address of Harry Potter Studio
Studio Tour Dr,
WD25 7LR, United Kingdom


You can use this address to your map on mobile, you might need to get the best way for Harry Potter Studio with live traffic information.

Now, you need to find "Euston" Station.

Euston highlighted

On tube map, you can find “Euston” Stataion. (Highlighted in Red circle on left image)

You can download full London Tube Map – HERE

Euston Station looks like the below;

You can see BIG screen inside Euston Station

Once you found the big screen in front of you, you need to find “Watford Junction” on calling at list.

You may have multiple “Watford Junction” on calling at list. 

On screen, you will also find the time in bracket as arrival time.

You can choose any train arrive at Watford Junction earlier. (Less calling at arrival stations before Watford Junction should be faster train.)

Once Platform No. is on the screen, please move to the platform


Euston Screen
Euston Screen highlighted

Don't forget touch your Oyster card on the reader.

If you are using Oyster Card and if the platform is opened (you may be charged extra if you didn’t touch Oyster card on the reader when you take train)

*Oyster cards are electronic smart cards that are used to pay for public transport in London

Oyster card

Then, take off at Watford Junction

Watford Junction

At Watford Junction;

Watford Junction
Watford Junction

At Watford Junction, it keeps telling you where you need to go for taking Harry Potter Studio Shuttle.

Let's take to Harry Potter Studio Shuttle

Harry Potter Studio Shuttle

You can find Harry Potter Studio Shuttle bus just outside of Watford Junction Station.

This shuttle bus may be available every 20 min.

Cash is needed to purchase return or single journey ticket directly to driver when you are on.

It would take you Harry Potter Studio directly.

Get excited about 20 min in Harry Potter Studio Shuttle before arrive at the studio.

Haven't purchased ticket yet?

Please click the above image, you will find the Harry Potter Studio ticket even though it is unavailable in official website.

You have ticket but need direct bus from London?

Please click the above image, you will find available Harry Potter shuttle bus from central London 

Are you looking for direct shuttle from London incl. ticket?

Please click the above image, you will find available Harry Potter shuttle bus from central London